Altair in Fluo Yellow nautical rope 1 row
Nautical bracelet Sail-O® Fluo Yellow cord 1013171
6 January 2018
The Sail-O® exclusive nautical bracelet collection catch the eye and defy time. Neat lines and sophisticated details, genuine Italian leather and unique nautical rope threads and hues. The Sail-O® bracelet collection is designed in Milan, handcrafted with the finest materials and brought to you with outmost care, to preserve your everyday special moments and the extraordinary stories to tell. Free Shipping worldwide.
Nautical bracelet Sail-O® Fluo Pink cord 1013161
6 January 2018
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Nautical bracelet Sail-O® Fluo Yellow cord 1013172


Nautical bracelet in steel and nautical rope. Classic Steel hue and original nautical rope bring a contemporary and active style to any man’s outfit, with a laid back yet smart casual vibe. Round shaped shackle perfectly polished, iconic Sail-O clasp and compass pin with distinctive turquoise point. Exclusive nautical rope thread and tones for understated look and feel. The Sail-O logo carved on the clasp adds even greater recognition.

Sail-O is designed , handmade and brought to you from Milan with outmost care and the finest materials, to preserve your everyday special moments and the extraordinary stories they tell.

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Catch the eye
and defy time

Sail-O®’s trademark bracelets are the iconic, memorable pieces, that blend classical lines with contemporary details, for a truly unique design. They evoke laid-back Italian sophistication and seamanship heritage, making the perfect match for nautical enthusiasts, who are attracted to the sea yet like to indulge in fine pleasures on land.

What makes Sail-O® unique

Timeless elegance

Sail-O®’s trademark bracelets blend classical lines with distinctive details and subtle hues for an elegant yet understated laid-back vibe.

Finest material

We use handcrafted steel, top quality genuine Italian leathers and exclusive nautical ropes.

Distinctive features

Sail-O® features the iconic clasp, where notches remind of the navigation compass and metaphorically embrace the sea.

Tailored handcrafting

Sail-O® bracelets are handcrafted by our experienced artisans in Milan and tailored to your own wrist size for a perfect fit.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm
Sail-O® Collection

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