About us

We have created Sail-O® Memorable Pieces with the ambition to craft timeless icons to wear.

We like to think we don’t make products. We shape iconic, memorable pieces, that catch the eye and defy time.

The Sail-O® nautical bracelets collection is designed in Milano. Neat lines, sophisticated details: Sail-O® nautical bracelets blend the strongest steel with the softest Italian leathers and exclusive nautical ropes.

Every and each Sail-O® is refined by hand and taylor-made to your wrist size for a perfect fit.

The discrete facing and suble hues reflect the seaside natural beauty: this creates a bracelet that is both casual yet distinctive, to suit your wardrobe and style.

So whether you are sailing out there or just indulge in fine pleasures on land, Sail-O® will preserve your everyday special moments and the extraordinary stories to tell.

Sail-O® is a registered trademark.

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